Camden Valley Model Railway

Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Update #7

With the start of a new year, I have just been taking it one step at a time.
Firstly, a friend asked if I would build him a "Taxi Interchange" for his layout.
I accepted the challenge, because it was something different. As this was finished a week ago, I think he is waiting for me to install it for him.
Taxi Stand with a subway to be installed.
Back to Campbelltown, I think I have pretty well completed the station, and most of the covering scenery. Maybe a few trees and scrubs could be added to cover a few bare spots. Bob (SCR) sent me some plans of Campbelltown Station, but they appear to be some what different to my photo's used during the construction process. The siding which led from Loco to a turntable I have added as a disused siding and the turntable was removed, as the 30 Class was never turned whilst in operation to Camden.
A "Wood & Iron" Structure 

Campbelltown Station

Campbelltown Yard and Loco Depot and the disused siding.
In the foreground is "Farrow Road" which will receive an Industrial building.
Down the line a bit I have added the "out buildings" and cloths lines to the houses at Narellan. The wives are hanging out their husbands dirty washing. Guess, they must work in the "Coal Loader".

That brings me to the end of my update for this time. My time now will be spent going back and just adding detail features. One feature that will have to be added to almost all the layout will be fencing, but I don't consider it as urgent, and there were different styles of fences, pending where you were.
Cheers for now.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Since my last post I decided I should do something about Campbelltown. 
Again, I am only working with photos which Kim and Anthony have sent me, so I have got as near to the old Campbelltown Buildings as I can. The only three photos I have are at different eras so I have chosen the one which I think was taken around the late 50's early 60's. 
While I am doing this blog, the station is in the painting stage, so it is apart and not suitable for photography. In each of the three photos the station was a different colour. I chose a colour that it was around the late 50's early 60's, while a 30 class was standing in the back platform waiting departure time.
I still need to put the surface on the platform and possible ramps before it is finally finished.

Campbelltown Station
As this will be my last blog for 2018, may I wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Monday, 10 December 2018

"Update #6"

In my previous Blog I really had nothing to show as an update. 
On Saturday, my wife and I made the trek to Newcastle for glue, otherwise things would have come to a halt. We were also in search for Poplar Trees but could not find what we thought were even close to what looked like Poplar Trees.
We visited 2 hobby shops there, and in the second shop, I just couldn't restrain myself, when I came across figurines that I thought would fill a vacant paddock.
In the following pictures it can be seen that there is still work to be done, but as it is of non importance to me at the moment, I decided to get as much ground cover as I can done, to remove the vacant base board appearance, then come back and do the fill ins, which I can take my time doing, like the front fences for the houses, clothes lines, garages, out houses (both houses had one each in my photos) and the fences along the Line etc.

Yes, "those men and their flying machines", were what I was referring to as something I couldn't resist when I seen them. I have also inserted a pond as there is a little boy on the bank and his remote control boat which has to go onto the water when the epoxy sets. It was only done today, and there is a chemical reaction this afternoon between the epoxy and the plaster, so will leave it for a few days and see how it settles. Don't want to have to rip it out if I can help it.
That's about all I've done over the past few weeks, so cheers for now.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

"More thought than I thought".

With my train room 7.2m x 3.6m I thought that building this layout would be hassle free. I thought I will just build it and everything will go together. Well firstly because Camden should have been at right angles to the Dairy Farmers module, I had to re plan the approach to Camden Yard and Station. Although it is the correct layout, the left hand bend from Dairy Farmers should have been a right hand bend into Camden. The bridge over the Nepean River had to be shortened to allow for the approach into Narellan. I was able to squeeze "Elderslie" in there although it is on the reverse track curve, and looking at photos on earlier blogs you can see I needed the curve for Narellan. Elderslie was just over the Nepean River Bridge on the Campbelltown side.
Narellan, because I have 3.6m overall, and 27 inch radius curves either end, and using Large radius points, (2 on each end), this has shortened Narellan Yard a bit. I have used these size curves and points over the whole layout to make  for hassle free operation. The Station and Coal Loader Roads are sufficient for my operation. The next example is the two houses for Narellan. Again having to re size them to fit into the area allocated for them. Because the house plans are not available for me to use, I have used dimensions that don't make the houses too small, or look "N" Scale. I have averaged the room sizes to 12'0" x 12'0" and includes a 4'0" hallway. They have 11'0" high walls. Possibly using the proper plan size they would not have fitted anyway. The house we had in Sydney had 10'0" ceilings. So I'm happy with what I have, and they seem suitable for where they are, as can be seen  again in my previous blog. The rail track out of Narellan to Campbelltown had a slight right hand curve, where it crossed the Hume Highway, level crossing, and seeing I have a left hand curve, I have had to redesign the Hume Highway, so that it is represented, if not correct. In photos I have the houses were built well back on the block, and had very little back yards, if any at all. They are in the correct location from the Coal Loader.  
Campbelltown has received the same treatment, also due to the use of large radius points. It looks better because it is on a 3.0m module instead of 2.4m. That extra bit makes all the difference.
So I have come to the conclusion, I have planned it as best I can, and being "U" shape, and because of the room size, I can't have it exact in scale or appearance, as it was in real life. I have a good replica of what was there and how it looked in the days of reality. I have modelled the importance of why the line was there, and left off the small non attended station halts with the exception of "Elderslie" that were there only for the convenience of passengers.
Kenny Hill, although it was a draw card for train operation, with it's steep grades of 1:19, I decided to leave it off, so that I don't have the embarrassment of the locos not being able to climb the grade, with it's average size train. 
The layout will never be viewed by the public, so as long as it serves it's purpose, and I get enjoyment from it, then I am happy with what I have.

Tip for the day:- To a cup of plaster, add a teaspoon of "Full Cream Milk" this will slow down the plaster setting time, also a teaspoon of PVA Glue. This sets the plaster with a hard shell.

Monday, 26 November 2018

"Update #5".

This now brings me close to finishing Narellan. Both houses are under construction and hopefully ready to occupy soon. The grey house when I looked at a photo appeared to be "L" shaped, and that's what I started with. Then I viewed the DVD of the "Camden Line" and for a split second it appeared and I noticed it was "T" shape. So I dismantled it and started again. The blue house I have no idea what it was like, so I engaged "my advisor" if she could remember what her house was like when she was a child and lived in the rural area of Boggabri. What you see is what she remembers.

The dog is asking the farmer whether it can chase the rabbits
before checking out the sheep.

The Blue house under construction.
Both houses will have tiled roofs.

Grey house. 
We are looking at the rear of both houses.

Spent 2 days making the trellis for the rear.
Concrete path to the cloths line.

View of both houses.
The grasses I had on order from last Thursday arrived today and this will allow me to do the grasses around both the houses. I have also painted the station buildings at Narellan.
So until I advance further, it's cheers for now.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

"Update #4"

My "HG" arrived and are an excellent model in both detail and running qualities.
I have 2 different models, (see below). 
Work is progressing at a steady pace as material arrives. I bought some static grass and thought it would see me to the end, but I have almost run out and still have Campbelltown to do. 
I have plastered and grassed all the way round to the Narellan side of Bow Bowing Creek and that now only leaves Campbelltown to do.
At Narellan I have 2 houses to build in the back corner when I know what I want, and the station building could do with a coat of paint.
I decided to get as much scenery as possible done and then come back and add the finer detail bits later, which also includes fencing. Some I have and some I need to buy. I just think the layout looks bare with nothing on it, especially when the train arrives at Campbelltown Station and it doesn't have a building on it.
Here are a few pictures of my progress.

"HG" Brake Vans


Narellan, from both sides
Camden is about as far as I can go, and I need to do Clintons Car Sales, but it's not urgent.
Camden, from Camden Yard end.

Camden, from the Nepean River 
So it's cheers for now.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

"Update #3"

This week I have been just lazing around doing little things to help finish off some projects. Not much to talk about really. The tyre shop received their first customer with a bald right hand rear tyre, and Mike (and I know his name because I glued his feet to the floor) is about to fit a new tyre. A guy is leaving the shop after getting a price for possibly a set of tyres for his "Holden". 
Mavis and Johnny (well I presume that's who they are) are on the front verandah waving to a friend out for her daily walking exercise. 

Tyre shop

Caltex Servo and Tyre Shop

Camden Yard Crane
Today I spent the day cleaning and vacuuming the train room, to get stuff off the floor.
That's about all the news I have for today.