Camden Valley Model Railway

Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Saturday, 31 March 2018

"Matching my Grass".

Recently, I had some friends here viewing my layout, and they asked me how do I get my static grass to matchup so perfectly to real grass. I explained, (in detail), that I mix the green with some brown, a bit of yellow, and then I take it outside and sprinkle it over my lawn until I get a near perfect colour match.
I have included a picture to illustrate what I mean.
If you cannot see the static grass, then you may need to "ZOOM IN" on the picture, as it is not hard to find.
Post your thoughts, I will be interested in "what you think". 

My Grass

Friday, 30 March 2018

"No Progress".

Since my last post, things have happened so slowly, causing much frustration. Since the hail storm on New Years Day, it has taken me 10 weeks just to get the roofing replaced across the back patio of the house. I also had to replace some guttering on the front of the house, to get to it meant that I had to remove an awning covering from the carport to the front door. I had to get the builder who made it to dismantle it, and he hasn't been back to reassemble it, 3 weeks now, so I laid it out on the lawn, and did a dry assembly and put it up myself this week. Also had new drainage downpipes replaced and they needed painting. I have re flyscreened some screen doors that were hail damaged, so all this waiting for tradesmen, and then having to do these things myself, have kept me out of the train room. All these things took time, waiting for the insurance company to communicate with their "Preferred Builder", then the "Preferred Builder" sending someone to inspect the work required. This mob I gave the flick, and did a cash settlement, just to get things moving.
So maybe soon, I can get back to doing what I prefer doing most !!
Happy Easter, Cheers.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

"All's well, that ends well".

Last Monday was a "God Send" and now I know what not to use, as I continue with line side structures. I guess it's also better to have more clearance than trying to have the minimum. During the week I replaced the facia on the platform, repaired the Goods Shed for clearance, and all is well again.

Is this guy photographing me !!

Yesterday I did a repair on two Auscision "B" Class locos and they entered the platform without any problems.
I have also drawn the base plan for the second service station. This is the one with the residence attached. I now need to trek to Newcastle for the tile roofing.
I have found over time that when constructing buildings, it is best to do the roof first, then put the walls under it. I have found on occasions that if you have a slightly different angle (or slope) on one section of the roof, the building can be out of square.

My Service Station and Residence Plan

Service Station and Residence

So until I get to Newcastle I will find something else to work on.
Cheers for now.

Monday, 12 February 2018

"An answer to my prayer"

Apparently after hearing of my dilemma, The "Engineer-in-Chief" of construction arrived this afternoon armed with his bag of tools, (the Dremel) and work began on reconstructing Camden Platform, to allow entry of trains. Apparently due to our odd weather we have been having, the timber used in the construction of the platform (MDF) had absorbed moisture enough to make it grow and the swelling reduced the clearance. My trains can now enter the platform to detrain it's passengers. Maybe in the winter, passengers will have to "walk the plank" to reach the platform, we will see.
However, another problem has emerged, being of the same nature at the Goods Shed. This will be easily fixed when I get to it with the angle grinder in a few days time.
I will let you know later when the mods are completed.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

When you've gott'a go, you had better run !!

Nothing has happened since my last blog. The only thing I have done is build one of the two Service Stations required for the next module. This has come to a stop because I need some figures for inside the servo and some material for the second servo. This means a trip to Newcastle because I want to see what I am buying in relation to roof tiling and figurines.

The first servo
Something that brought me to a grinding holt, was a few weeks ago, I did a repair on an "Austrains" CLP Loco for a friend, and I decided as usual to check it for operation. I put it on the track down near the Napean River and ran it back to Camden. To my surprise, it slammed into the corner of Camden Platform. Not sure of the reason, as I was not in a good temperament with this happening, I decided to try one of my End Platform Cars, and it fouled at the platform as well. This means nothing can enter the platform. So I packed it all away, closed the door and haven't been out there since.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

"A little bit more".

This week I have managed to complete a little bit more of Camden. Maybe it's more than a little bit !! The gravel is complete and so is the grass. I still have to add some trees, shrubs and "Uneek" detail bits as well as the Yard Crane, and clean the road surfaces. Also the wire fencing around "Usawit" has to be added.
But at the moment I am tired of Camden, so might do the next module which has the Milk Depot and the Nepean River, just for a break.

Some months ago I bought a new vacuum cleaner to use in the shed and on the layout, but when I tried it for the first time, it sucked everything, even some not so secure track ballast. Last week I bought a smaller dust buster for the layout (and the cars) and it works fine.
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.
For now, Cheers.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Camden Station

A few personal matters had slowed me down, but I am slowly catching up again.
Moving along from the Station Master's House and the Goods Shed, the train needed somewhere to detrain passengers, so Camden Station was my next project. This again is modelled from Photographs. Also on the platform was a Lamp Room incorporating the Gents Toilet.
In the meantime my back orders arrived, and I was also able to complete my unfinished projects.

Camden Station - Front

Camden Station - Rear

Lamp Room and Gents Toilet
Ignore the phone box, it doesn't belong there.

What I thought was going to be a "Smallgoods" Factory, on the actual site was a timber mill (I believe). So some mods to the existing building and I will make it a box factory. I might call it "USAWIT" Boxwood P/L. (That's U-SAW-IT).
Till next time, cheers for now.