Camden Valley Model Railway

Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Saturday, 27 October 2018

"Update #3"

This week I have been just lazing around doing little things to help finish off some projects. Not much to talk about really. The tyre shop received their first customer with a bald right hand rear tyre, and Mike (and I know his name because I glued his feet to the floor) is about to fit a new tyre. A guy is leaving the shop after getting a price for possibly a set of tyres for his "Holden". 
Mavis and Johnny (well I presume that's who they are) are on the front verandah waving to a friend out for her daily walking exercise. 

Tyre shop

Caltex Servo and Tyre Shop

Camden Yard Crane
Today I spent the day cleaning and vacuuming the train room, to get stuff off the floor.
That's about all the news I have for today.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

"Further Update".

This past week my tree order arrived and work began reorganising the scene at the Nepean River Bridge. I removed the previously placed trees, and replaced them with the new arrivals. This made a big difference to the appearance along the bank. 
My second project for the week was the assembling of the Yard Crane for Camden. This is a "Uneek" casting and really tried my patience during the assembling. It will be sprayed when I spray the paling fences I made for the properties at Narellan.
A little bit was also done to the tyre retail shop, just needs some finishing touches for complete it.

Camden Yard Crane
The cable and hook have been added since these pictures were taken.

Nepean River Bridge

Nepean River, photo source is unknown
Cheers, till my next update.

Sunday, 14 October 2018


Recently I have added some scenery to Camden and the Nepean Bridge. At the moment I am working on completing the Service Station and Tyre Shop. These will be in the form of a diorama, for ease of placement when completed. I will add these photos when they are finished.
I also have more trees on order to fill some gaps.

Cheers for now.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

"The Nepean River".

I  have got to a stage where I want to keep adding the scenery along the bank of the river. I thought the grass would have to be first as it would be hard to add after everything else is in. What to do next, is in the think tank. Maybe the trees, then the clump foliage can be thrown in under them to fill the gaps. Finding the right trees is another problem. A few years ago I bought several containers of Gum Trees from Brian (Trackside Trees) but they didn't grow along the river bank. 

Will keep thinking, costs nothing but time, which I have plenty of at the moment.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

"Rain from nowhere"

In my previous blog I mentioned about the liquid water, well I must correct myself by saying I used the Fibreglass Resin in the first place, but visiting a different store, I found the Casting Resin. Same brand, same additive. The fibreglass, in the first instance, dried with a flat finish, and I was going to paint it with estapol, so when I went to buy my second tin for top up I found the "Casting Resin". It has dried with a gloss finish, and wind ripples in the surface. I don't know if it is a feature of the product or not, but looks great. I also added "Jo Sonjas" Artist Colour to the mix for water color. First pour was with a green mix, then a second pour with the brown, stirred them together with a paddle pop stick, then the hair drier on medium fan and heat  to spread it evenly. This requires caution, or it will blow  the epoxy everywhere (see pictures).
This Resin is similar to use as the EFD glues product, but uses only a portion of the additive and is half the price, for one and a half times as much.
I am really happy with the way it has set. I will give it a day or two to cure properly, then do the touch ups and add the scenery.

First Layer

Second and final layer

What to buy from Bunnings.
I just wanted to let those who are thinking of doing a water scene a cheap and easy alternative to what is available on the market today.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

"Need More Rain".

These last few weeks while waiting for more fencing material to come, I decided that I could do the river, seeing I had the material to do the job, or so I thought.

I plastered the river formation, installed the pylons, and poured the water. This I quickly ran short of, as I purchased it from "Auscision" by Internet a short time ago, and not being able to inspect it until opened, half of it had crystalized in the bottle, thus leaving me short.
Today I made a stop off at "Bunnings" and remembering what Bob (SCR) used  made a purchase of some fibreglass resin to use to top up, and finish the job, or I hope it will !! 
I also visited our local "Reject Shop" but all their foliage was in "Garden Scale", so no go there !!

The newspapers on the wall, gives me something 
to read while I'm working.

Not being able to successfully plaster under the bridge I decided to cover it with clump foliage. The foregrounds I will do with different ground covers, which I have in stock. I also removed the Perspex to give me better access to the layout.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

"Back into it at a slower pace"

Resulting from my follow up MRI, it revealed that I have had a second Brain Bleed, however it was not as bad as the first one, and on the other side of the Head.
Being told that it will eventually heal, and I am clear to do things without any heavy physical labour, I asked the question if it was ok to build paling fences. 
I really took the Specialist by surprise, I meant for the layout !!
These few days I have started doing the fences that I will require later for Camden Servo's, and the private properties at Narellan. These are a slow build, and will fill, but not waste my time doing, and are free of mental torture. Yesterday, I ventured to my local tyre supplier, and took some photos of his tyre rack for my tyre shop in Camden, also the motor supply shop for shelf products to go in the servo.

Fencing Jig

Building of fences

Fence markings for Narellan

What will be the Tyre Retailer

Items for within the buildings
So for now, it's cheers until next time I get blogged down.