Camden Valley Model Railway

Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Friday, 20 October 2017

"Waiting and Wanting".

In my last blog I decided to finish as much of the Station Master's house as possible. This included the paling fence down the side and across the back. While in the mood for doing fences I also decided to do a paling fence which was between the Station Platform and the Goods Shed. I anticipated my previous order for paling timbers was sufficient, but I ran out of nails half way along the fence. I sent off an urgent order for more supplies, only to receive an email saying my supplier was holidaying in Tasmania at the time.   
So, to keep moving, I turned my attention to the next object for completion, "The Goods Shed". This only needed some internal objects glued into place, the roof glued and painted, and some drainage done.
I might mention here that my friend came a few days ago, to collect his car carrier I painted for him, and he brought a Trainorama 44 with him, that kept derailing on his layout. All it needed was regauging of the wheels and we test ran it on the layout pulling the car carrier, doing several trips, back and forth, and I did a shunt into the Goods Shed, then while it was in there, I realised that I did it without any thought as to, "will it fit", due to the height. It did, but only just, with the "Road Rager" cars glued onto the top deck.

The Goods Shed.
The item behind the fence is not the "Septic System",
just there to support the fence.

Fettlers Shed and Weighbridge in the foreground.
Station Master's House in the rear.
I still need to build the front fence for the Station Master's House, but until I work out how I'm going to do it, being of posts, rails and chain wire, it's on the "back burner", but hopefully not for long. 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

"Moving Along".

I have finally come to the conclusion that the Station Master's House is finished. It has been a long haul, and now I can see the fruits of my labour and perseverance. Maybe not as brilliant as some, but as I had no photos, and just a plan, I'm happy with the outcome. Those black lines are where the fence will go.

I have also finished Dairy Farmers and now my next project, the paling fence and then the Goods Shed. A rough calculation indicates the fence will require 200+ palings. This will keep me quiet for a while. 
I thought that doing all the main structures, starting at Camden, and going around the layout, so that the representation is visible to those who never knew Camden, would be a great starting point. I can then come back and fill the little bits and pieces, like point levers, and trackside items, later. This will also allow me to empty a few storage boxes I have.
I also have a small job to paint a blue car carrier, black, for another friend. I spent today adding vehicle tie down brackets to the carrier, both top and bottom decks. Not an easy job, but it's done now.
Cheers for now.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

It's "Sunday".

Here are some photos of where I am up to at the moment.
The Dairy Farmers building still has to have the grassed area along side the concrete apron done, and some painting touch up, but I am holding off doing scenery, until I can do the whole area.

Still got painting to complete.
"Just need a steady hand".

Dairy Farmers. Needs grass next to concrete apron.
The Station Master's house just needs down pipes added and I can finish painting it. I have also acquired some strip timber to build the paling fence around the house. Fortunately I only have to build enough for one side and the back. When this is done, I can then decide what will be grass and what will be gravel.


Station Master's House.
Ignore the building in the background.

The factory area, well I'm not sure what was there, but as I acquired this building in my bulk buy,  I decided to use it to fill what would end up grass and bush. The fence posts I made from brass rod and I have some fine Bridal Tule for the chain wire. Again, this won't be applied until I do the scenery.

"Frank Phutz" Small Goods factory.


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Carnival of Flowers

These last few weeks has seen little time in the train room as time waits for nobody.
The weekend after Melbourne, (Sunday), I accompanied a friend to view the Newcastle Train Show, as he has just had a Quadruple Bypass, and asked me to accompany him should he need some relief from driving. After the show we ventured to his friend, "Tim's", home to view his layout. The trains on Tim's layout have DCC and sound, that Tim has programmed himself and installed and it is the best I have ever heard, including the inertia take off and stopping. A train from full speed could take up to 5 to 7 meters before coming to a stop, unless you hit the emergency brake. The sound just matched the speed all the way, unbelievable. Each loco had it's individual sound.
Last Saturday week, my wife and I set off for Toowoomba Queensland to visit her Sister. We did the drive in one day.
On the Sunday, we visited the Darling Downs Model Railway Club in the Showgrounds and then to Toowoomba Railway Station for the arrival of the "Carnival of Flowers" Tour Train from Spring Bluff (Diesel hauled, Stainless Steel carriages - non air conditioned). This train ran from Toowoomba to Spring Bluff (on the side of the Range) and return twice daily for the period of the carnival. 8 days, 2 trips each day, 350 passengers each trip, and it was fully booked out for the whole period.
Following it's arrival, it was shunted out to a siding, and a Steam hauled from Brisbane arrived, some 20 minutes later. The Steamer did a return trip on the Saturday and Sunday, taking 5 hours each way. This was great to see and while the train stood at the platform, the Loco crew took children and smaller ones with their parents onto the footplate, something the children will probably never get to do again, in their lifetime.
We arrived back home yesterday, so now I hope to settle down this week and get some modelling up to date.
Cheers for now.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Company Office now gone

While returning from the Melbourne Train Show, our over night stop was Picton.
Leaving Picton next morning, we travelled via Camden. Hoping to do some research at the Local Library, it was closed, and seeing it was only open Thursday to Saturday, and this was Monday, we thought the wait was a bit long. A drive around Camden, I noticed that the "L" carriage which was the office for a Farm Machinery Company, has been removed, and machinery stood in it's place.

"L" Car (now gone) standing at the original Camden Platform.
I guess the platform could be the next thing to be removed.
On another note, the Melbourne Train Show was very enjoyable, quite large in size, and most of all, the layouts were different from what we usually see. I managed to buy some things I needed. I purchased an "R" car from the Casula Stand, to add to my rolling stock. I also bought a mini drill stand to take my dremel tool. "It will certainly put a hole in things". At the show, I had a close up view of the Brake Vans which Bob had assembled by a guy in Melbourne for SCR. They were running on a "Puffing Billy Layout" and were very nicely built. I'm sure Bob will be very happy with them. Also got to check out "Austrains" 30 Class Tank Locomotives. John had 3 on display, he told me they will come with a spare set of bogies with smaller wheels for layouts with tight curves (18") and all will have detachable headlights. So the choice is up to the individual. 
The Station Masters House for Camden is well under way, and I will post a picture in my next blog. Also, the vents have arrived, and I can now finish the "Dairy Farmers" building as well.
Till next time, Cheers.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Filling in Time.

While I am waiting for vents, windows and doors to fill my requirements, I started on the Station Master's House for Camden. This soon came to holt for the same reason the milk depot halted, waiting for parts. I was not sure of the actual location of the house, but it appears to have been behind the Goods Shed and fronting Argyle Street. It has been demolished to make way for the MacDonald's car park.  
Last week I was offered a challenge to repaint a "Lima 3830" from Green and Black to all black. A search of my photo collection came up with 3830 in all black and no red lining on the Tamworth Mail Train. So, out with the emery and removed the detail from the rear of the tender, fitted larger wheels to the front pony truck and sprayed the loco and tender black, but left the cab roof silver. A permanent wire was also connected from the tender to the loco's motor pickup wire instead of relying on the draw bar connection and spring wire. Another thing I found, was that this loco has all 3 driving axles geared, where most only drive on the rear axle.
Today I made the trip to Port Macquarie and acquired a sample pot (inspired by SCR) of a brick colour paint for my buildings. I didn't realise until I started looking at buildings around, and then a colour chart, "just what colour is a brick". There are just so many different colours, I suppose it a matter of where they were made, and what colour was the material used to make them. My other purchase will be a colour for concrete, now there's another challenge !!

The repainted 38 Class.

Sorry, but I'm not taking orders for this type of work in the future.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Dairy Farmers.

This is a project I have been working on, and has taken me some two (2) months to get to this stage of construction. It will rest now until I receive some more roof vents from the manufacture. When they arrive, (I believe in two (2) weeks), I can then go ahead and finish painting the roof and trimmings and add some detail. It was a bit difficult to construct as this building in reality is on a down hill slope, and I have made it on the flat. Some things just didn't add up, and it was out of square. I thought at one stage the only way to square it, was to put it on the floor and stomp on it. That would square it !! But I persevered with it, and got it to where it is. The colour green, was the colour in the late 50's early 60's.

My version of Dairy Farmers.

Where the side loading dock is, next to the concrete apron, I will grass it and plant a tree or two. That will give Dairy Farmers somewhere to dispose of their spilt milk !!

Dairy Farmers Camden, in Flood

It is hard to believe that the waters could reach this high in flood time.

Been looking at other parts of the layout, and sizing up for some scenery reshaping, but that's another time.