Camden Valley Model Railway

Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Sunday, 15 July 2018

A need for "Multi Skilling".

Who would have thought that, to build a model train layout, one would need to be "Multi Skilled". Firstly as a "Carpenter" to do the bench work, a "Ganger" to do track laying, "Electrician" for the electrics, a "Landscaper" to do the scenery, a "Builder" for the buildings which will take their place somewhere on the layout, and a "Train Driver, Station Master and Guard" to operate the train.
Since my previous blog I have put two of these skills into action. 
Upon receiving an email from Kim, with details of his Bridge Pylons, I looked at mine and decided to redo them from plaster coated Polystyrene to Plastic Sheet Styrene. There was a time when I thought how high are these pylon, and decided that my height is right for me, because at this time the river was on the rise due to heavy rain's on the Southern Highlands.
At the same time I have been adding to the second Service Station in order to get it finished. Some things have stalled me at times, while I try and work out what was where. Modellers licence may need to be applied here, and if I don't tell you, you will never know !! 
I need to complete all my items for placement on the "Camden Module" in order that I can complete the scenery more.

New Bridge Pylons, and/or Pigeon's resting point.

The white peg between the tracks is to indicate where 
my under track uncoupler is located

I shall plod on !!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

"No Council Permission required here."

This week I started construction on the second Service Station for Camden. It is a slow process as I have no plans to work from, only a photograph below.

This servo has a house attached and looking at it's design it may have been built in "Blue Brick" as our residence in Sydney, was very similar in design and age. So with this in mind, I have purchased a paint sample called "Snoop" to represent the "Blue Brick". Still a long way to go, so will post more as I progress.

Monday, 25 June 2018

"Easy Fix"

Today I decided that I should spend some time out doors, or indoors, but in the train room.
After reading on different Internet Sites problems people are having with their "Austrians C30 Class Tank Locos", with derailing problems, I decided to investigate why mine was only derailing when running bunker leading, or in as they say in reverse.
I did notice that when the loco ran through a frog, and more so on Double curve points, for which I have a few, the bogie would tilt, and the wheel on the high side would lift and ride over the head of the rail. My thoughts were that some mod needs to be, so that the wheels don't drop into the frog. 
So my fix was that my loco came with the smaller wheels fitted into the bogies, so I swapped them for the larger size in the plastic bag, supplied with the loco.
Bingo !!  Problem solved. I have done a running session this afternoon and not a problem. 

Loco with the larger wheels fitted

If you know of somebody with a similar problem, advise them to do a similar swap.
PS. Tuesday:- I have just done a switch on a friend's C30 Class Loco, suffering the same problems, and it is now fixed, he has left a very happy man !!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

"Bridging the River"

Time has passed so quickly, I thought I had better do an update. The "Nepean River Bridge" is just a few hundred meters down the road from Camden. When the line closed and the "Camden Valley Way" was being built the railway line was used to widen the bridge roadway. 
My bridge has been shortened, but the representation is my main aim of the whole layout. (Also less chance of my trains falling into the river).
Camden, Narellan and Campbelltown are the main operating points on the branch, and how the line followed the terrain and road without any off road protection for either, (as viewed in my Blog Heading), so these I have given priority to, then what fits in between is a bonus.  

The piers for the bridge are polystyrene and will be plastered over to give the concrete appearance. The railings over the river itself are brass wire and the flood plain is strip styrene. The steel girders supporting the railway line are "Central Valley" supply. 
Last week, my wife and I made a trip to Newcastle and obtained most of the stuff I need to finish buildings, etc, between the bridge and Camden. I also purchased some 10mm static grass to mix with my other, so as to break up the uniformity a bit, as there is lots of grass involved.
Cheers for now.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

"Matching my Grass".

Recently, I had some friends here viewing my layout, and they asked me how do I get my static grass to matchup so perfectly to real grass. I explained, (in detail), that I mix the green with some brown, a bit of yellow, and then I take it outside and sprinkle it over my lawn until I get a near perfect colour match.
I have included a picture to illustrate what I mean.
If you cannot see the static grass, then you may need to "ZOOM IN" on the picture, as it is not hard to find.
Post your thoughts, I will be interested in "what you think". 

My Grass

Friday, 30 March 2018

"No Progress".

Since my last post, things have happened so slowly, causing much frustration. Since the hail storm on New Years Day, it has taken me 10 weeks just to get the roofing replaced across the back patio of the house. I also had to replace some guttering on the front of the house, to get to it meant that I had to remove an awning covering from the carport to the front door. I had to get the builder who made it to dismantle it, and he hasn't been back to reassemble it, 3 weeks now, so I laid it out on the lawn, and did a dry assembly and put it up myself this week. Also had new drainage downpipes replaced and they needed painting. I have re flyscreened some screen doors that were hail damaged, so all this waiting for tradesmen, and then having to do these things myself, have kept me out of the train room. All these things took time, waiting for the insurance company to communicate with their "Preferred Builder", then the "Preferred Builder" sending someone to inspect the work required. This mob I gave the flick, and did a cash settlement, just to get things moving.
So maybe soon, I can get back to doing what I prefer doing most !!
Happy Easter, Cheers.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

"All's well, that ends well".

Last Monday was a "God Send" and now I know what not to use, as I continue with line side structures. I guess it's also better to have more clearance than trying to have the minimum. During the week I replaced the facia on the platform, repaired the Goods Shed for clearance, and all is well again.

Is this guy photographing me !!

Yesterday I did a repair on two Auscision "B" Class locos and they entered the platform without any problems.
I have also drawn the base plan for the second service station. This is the one with the residence attached. I now need to trek to Newcastle for the tile roofing.
I have found over time that when constructing buildings, it is best to do the roof first, then put the walls under it. I have found on occasions that if you have a slightly different angle (or slope) on one section of the roof, the building can be out of square.

My Service Station and Residence Plan

Service Station and Residence

So until I get to Newcastle I will find something else to work on.
Cheers for now.