Camden Valley Model Railway

Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

"Back into it at a slower pace"

Resulting from my follow up MRI, it revealed that I have had a second Brain Bleed, however it was not as bad as the first one, and on the other side of the Head.
Being told that it will eventually heal, and I am clear to do things without any heavy physical labour, I asked the question if it was ok to build paling fences. 
I really took the Specialist by surprise, I meant for the layout !!
These few days I have started doing the fences that I will require later for Camden Servo's, and the private properties at Narellan. These are a slow build, and will fill, but not waste my time doing, and are free of mental torture. Yesterday, I ventured to my local tyre supplier, and took some photos of his tyre rack for my tyre shop in Camden, also the motor supply shop for shelf products to go in the servo.

Fencing Jig

Building of fences

Fence markings for Narellan

What will be the Tyre Retailer

Items for within the buildings
So for now, it's cheers until next time I get blogged down.

Friday, 24 August 2018

"Camden Update".

Firstly, thank you all for your good wishes for my recovery. They were much appreciated.
I had a bit of a ruff time over this period being in and out of Hospital 4 times. I have another MRI on Monday to check on the blood clot. The hospital suspected I had a mini stroke. My 2nd visit to the Physio diagnosed it as Vertigo, which my GP agreed with. The medication the hospital prescribed had bad side affects and I was having violent dreams and bashing my wife in my sleep. These I knocked off after quite a few nights, before my wife decided to pack up and leave (to sleep in another bedroom that is).
Today, I feel my usual self, doing all the chores I usually do, except the lawns. 
Yesterday, I spent some time in the room running my whole collection of trains (all 2 of them). There were some challengers while shunting, not enough room in the siding, not enough uncoupling magnets, but I managed to shunt successfully without having to "man handle" the train. Just meant shunting in and out of Camden Yard more time than was the normal.

Train arriving at Camden

"Austrains 30 Class"  has headlight and Marker lights added.

What's that Explosive Van doing there?
Notice there are no staff about!!

Shunting Dairy Farmers Milk Siding.

Mixed train about to depart Camden

Crossing what will be the Nepean River

41 Class shunting a Coal Train at Narellan.

Station stop at "Elderslie"

Another stop at Narellan.

Arriving at Campbelltown.

In the picture of the train shunting "Dairy Farmers Milk Siding" you can see the partly finished 2nd Service Station. These Service Stations and Clintons Car Sales (yet to be built) will be diorama style so as to be abled, to be located properly, requiring the correct amount of space for each.
Cheers for now and many thanks.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Camden on hold.

To fellow followers of my blog, I have to advise that Camden is on hold at least for the next 8 weeks.
Last Thursday week while preparing breakfast, I said to my wife that I didn't feel well, and I don't remember anything else until I came too in the ambulance. Apparently I collapsed and I hit my head on the floor causing a whip lash to the neck. I also had a bleed to the brain. I was admitted to hospital for examination and the hospital was in contact with John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle re flying me down for surgery to remove the blood clot on the right hand side of the brain. The hospital was not sure weather I had the bleed causing the blackout or it happened as a result of the fall. I was released on the Sunday for MRI scan on the Monday, and was readmitted to Hospital the next day (Tuesday). 
I am home now and under medical supervision by my local GP. I cannot bend my head forward to look down as I get light headed and everything begins spinning. Physio is next Thursday for the whiplash. 
I will advise my situation as it progresses.
Cheers for now.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

A need for "Multi Skilling".

Who would have thought that, to build a model train layout, one would need to be "Multi Skilled". Firstly as a "Carpenter" to do the bench work, a "Ganger" to do track laying, "Electrician" for the electrics, a "Landscaper" to do the scenery, a "Builder" for the buildings which will take their place somewhere on the layout, and a "Train Driver, Station Master and Guard" to operate the train.
Since my previous blog I have put two of these skills into action. 
Upon receiving an email from Kim, with details of his Bridge Pylons, I looked at mine and decided to redo them from plaster coated Polystyrene to Plastic Sheet Styrene. There was a time when I thought how high are these pylon, and decided that my height is right for me, because at this time the river was on the rise due to heavy rain's on the Southern Highlands.
At the same time I have been adding to the second Service Station in order to get it finished. Some things have stalled me at times, while I try and work out what was where. Modellers licence may need to be applied here, and if I don't tell you, you will never know !! 
I need to complete all my items for placement on the "Camden Module" in order that I can complete the scenery more.

New Bridge Pylons, and/or Pigeon's resting point.

The white peg between the tracks is to indicate where 
my under track uncoupler is located

I shall plod on !!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

"No Council Permission required here."

This week I started construction on the second Service Station for Camden. It is a slow process as I have no plans to work from, only a photograph below.

This servo has a house attached and looking at it's design it may have been built in "Blue Brick" as our residence in Sydney, was very similar in design and age. So with this in mind, I have purchased a paint sample called "Snoop" to represent the "Blue Brick". Still a long way to go, so will post more as I progress.

Monday, 25 June 2018

"Easy Fix"

Today I decided that I should spend some time out doors, or indoors, but in the train room.
After reading on different Internet Sites problems people are having with their "Austrians C30 Class Tank Locos", with derailing problems, I decided to investigate why mine was only derailing when running bunker leading, or in as they say in reverse.
I did notice that when the loco ran through a frog, and more so on Double curve points, for which I have a few, the bogie would tilt, and the wheel on the high side would lift and ride over the head of the rail. My thoughts were that some mod needs to be, so that the wheels don't drop into the frog. 
So my fix was that my loco came with the smaller wheels fitted into the bogies, so I swapped them for the larger size in the plastic bag, supplied with the loco.
Bingo !!  Problem solved. I have done a running session this afternoon and not a problem. 

Loco with the larger wheels fitted

If you know of somebody with a similar problem, advise them to do a similar swap.
PS. Tuesday:- I have just done a switch on a friend's C30 Class Loco, suffering the same problems, and it is now fixed, he has left a very happy man !!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

"Bridging the River"

Time has passed so quickly, I thought I had better do an update. The "Nepean River Bridge" is just a few hundred meters down the road from Camden. When the line closed and the "Camden Valley Way" was being built the railway line was used to widen the bridge roadway. 
My bridge has been shortened, but the representation is my main aim of the whole layout. (Also less chance of my trains falling into the river).
Camden, Narellan and Campbelltown are the main operating points on the branch, and how the line followed the terrain and road without any off road protection for either, (as viewed in my Blog Heading), so these I have given priority to, then what fits in between is a bonus.  

The piers for the bridge are polystyrene and will be plastered over to give the concrete appearance. The railings over the river itself are brass wire and the flood plain is strip styrene. The steel girders supporting the railway line are "Central Valley" supply. 
Last week, my wife and I made a trip to Newcastle and obtained most of the stuff I need to finish buildings, etc, between the bridge and Camden. I also purchased some 10mm static grass to mix with my other, so as to break up the uniformity a bit, as there is lots of grass involved.
Cheers for now.