Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The start of a new Layout

This will be my third layout I have built since moving into this area fifteen years ago. My first layout was "Yass" and the "YassTown Tramway". After that layout I built "Kamilaroi" which was "Moree to Boggabri". It was sold when all the point switch blades became glued into a set position. I then decides to have a lay period of doing nothing, but due to uncontrolled boredom, I have now started on Camden.
Camden has my interest for several reasons, one, I have an interest in disused Railway Lines, and the second, I only need one or two trains to operate on this layout.
The layouts of Kamilaroi was, and Camden  is, made up of modules and reduced in size, so that there will be no problems removing and transporting them, should the occasion arise.
Camden will be made up of five modules, and the rails cut at the end of each module, and reconnected with a rail joiner, so that there will be no cutting when the modules are separated. The electrical will have two wires running the length of the layout with droppers to each section or module. The points will be operated manually via a pushrod from the outside edge of the module, and slide switches to control the polarity to the frog.
The layout will use Peco Code 75 Rail and Peco Electrofrog Points.
The layout will be DC operated with a hand held walk around transistorised controller, and this layout will also operate DCC by changing to a MRC Black Box controller.

There is very little information available on the Camden Line, so most of it will be from my pre, teenage memories. A map of the line is shown below.
I will model, hopefully, the whole of Camden Station and Yard, Elderslie Platform, Narellan Station and Coal Loader, and Campbelltown Yard and Branch Platform, omitting the Main Southern Line for obvious reasons.
Map courtesy "Byways of Steam" 


  1. Thanks Bob.
    It's been a long time. They say "Time goes so quickly", It's been 12 months almost.