Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Modules complete.

With the modules completed and setup, I have now done the track laying for the whole of the Branch Line.
Module setup.
As I mentioned previously, there are many changes I have had to except, as  well as  trying to keep it a representation of the Line.
Campbelltown on the left, Camden on the right.
Narellan is across the back wall.
The cutout further down on the right is the Napean River.
Before installing the points I have removed the jumper connection under the point and inserted a slide switch which collects the power from the main rail and delivers it to the frog, which in turn feeds back to the switch rail. This now makes both switch rails alive instead of relying on the switch rail contact to the stock rail. 
Bead attached to the push pull brass wire
 from the outside edge of the module

Slide switch under the layout for the point operation.
A soft brass wire is used in styrene tube to operate the point switch rail. 
Operating the points manually, allows me to follow the train around the layout and set the points as I go. Camden and Narellan only had ground frames, and Campbelltown was the only station with a signal box.
As a retired "Railway Signalman", it gives me some "realism" to the operation of the layout, as it was in those days. I guess I can play the part of Engine Driver, Guard and Station Master, all in one operation. Yes it pays to be multi skilled in this hobby.

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