Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Company Office now gone

While returning from the Melbourne Train Show, our over night stop was Picton.
Leaving Picton next morning, we travelled via Camden. Hoping to do some research at the Local Library, it was closed, and seeing it was only open Thursday to Saturday, and this was Monday, we thought the wait was a bit long. A drive around Camden, I noticed that the "L" carriage which was the office for a Farm Machinery Company, has been removed, and machinery stood in it's place.

"L" Car (now gone) standing at the original Camden Platform.
I guess the platform could be the next thing to be removed.
On another note, the Melbourne Train Show was very enjoyable, quite large in size, and most of all, the layouts were different from what we usually see. I managed to buy some things I needed. I purchased an "R" car from the Casula Stand, to add to my rolling stock. I also bought a mini drill stand to take my dremel tool. "It will certainly put a hole in things". At the show, I had a close up view of the Brake Vans which Bob had assembled by a guy in Melbourne for SCR. They were running on a "Puffing Billy Layout" and were very nicely built. I'm sure Bob will be very happy with them. Also got to check out "Austrains" 30 Class Tank Locomotives. John had 3 on display, he told me they will come with a spare set of bogies with smaller wheels for layouts with tight curves (18") and all will have detachable headlights. So the choice is up to the individual. 
The Station Masters House for Camden is well under way, and I will post a picture in my next blog. Also, the vents have arrived, and I can now finish the "Dairy Farmers" building as well.
Till next time, Cheers.

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