Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Filling in Time.

While I am waiting for vents, windows and doors to fill my requirements, I started on the Station Master's House for Camden. This soon came to holt for the same reason the milk depot halted, waiting for parts. I was not sure of the actual location of the house, but it appears to have been behind the Goods Shed and fronting Argyle Street. It has been demolished to make way for the MacDonald's car park.  
Last week I was offered a challenge to repaint a "Lima 3830" from Green and Black to all black. A search of my photo collection came up with 3830 in all black and no red lining on the Tamworth Mail Train. So, out with the emery and removed the detail from the rear of the tender, fitted larger wheels to the front pony truck and sprayed the loco and tender black, but left the cab roof silver. A permanent wire was also connected from the tender to the loco's motor pickup wire instead of relying on the draw bar connection and spring wire. Another thing I found, was that this loco has all 3 driving axles geared, where most only drive on the rear axle.
Today I made the trip to Port Macquarie and acquired a sample pot (inspired by SCR) of a brick colour paint for my buildings. I didn't realise until I started looking at buildings around, and then a colour chart, "just what colour is a brick". There are just so many different colours, I suppose it a matter of where they were made, and what colour was the material used to make them. My other purchase will be a colour for concrete, now there's another challenge !!

The repainted 38 Class.

Sorry, but I'm not taking orders for this type of work in the future.

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