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Saturday, 31 March 2018

"Matching my Grass".

Recently, I had some friends here viewing my layout, and they asked me how do I get my static grass to matchup so perfectly to real grass. I explained, (in detail), that I mix the green with some brown, a bit of yellow, and then I take it outside and sprinkle it over my lawn until I get a near perfect colour match.
I have included a picture to illustrate what I mean.
If you cannot see the static grass, then you may need to "ZOOM IN" on the picture, as it is not hard to find.
Post your thoughts, I will be interested in "what you think". 

My Grass


  1. Jim,
    An interesting idea. I too use a mix of different static grass colours but how do you manage to adjust for the seasonal variations? If I compare my lawn now after a fair bit of rain to what it was a few months ago, there would be two distinct colour mixes.
    cheers Phil

  2. Hi Phil,
    I don't think you can be too far out if you choose the Autumn Mix. It seems to fit most situations. Thinking about a Winter season then all your figurines should be dressed in winter clothes, not shorts and shirts.

  3. Jim,
    this is ex-static news. Do you recover the static grass with the mower into the catcher, and if so, how do you separate the two items?
    Does it matter if the grass is buffalo, couch or kikiyu?

    1. Bob,
      I just mow it up when I do the lawns. It doesn't grow very much. I calculate it's worth and write it off on my Tax. (As entertainment costs) The type of grass doesn't matter, it all costs the same.