Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Sunday, 1 July 2018

"No Council Permission required here."

This week I started construction on the second Service Station for Camden. It is a slow process as I have no plans to work from, only a photograph below.

This servo has a house attached and looking at it's design it may have been built in "Blue Brick" as our residence in Sydney, was very similar in design and age. So with this in mind, I have purchased a paint sample called "Snoop" to represent the "Blue Brick". Still a long way to go, so will post more as I progress.


  1. Great work Jim looking really good - glad to hear you have resolved the new 30 class running problems regards Kim

    1. Thanks Kim. Not exactly to the picture, but the representation is what I am aiming for.