Based on the now, long gone, Branch Line from Campbelltown to Camden,

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Update #8

Over the last few weeks my wife and I have had two trips to Sydney and return.
The first one was to meet up with my wife's Sister, her Husband, and family from far North Queensland, so it was down on the Saturday, had Sunday with them, then back on the Monday.
The second trip was the same down and back, but for an 80th Birthday on the Sunday.
A friend of mine had recently purchased two GM Loco's, both "Trainorama", One direct from the supplier, the other from Auscision. Both had stopped running so I suggested that I would return them for warranty repair while I was in Sydney.
On arrival at Bob's Hobbies, I circled the complex twice looking for somewhere to park, and ended up in front of another complex with permission from the occupier that it was ok for a short time, leaving my wife to move the car if need be. The guy in Bob's hobbies was trying to deny warranty on one loco saying it had been tampered with before, the other loco being purchased from Auscision had to go back to Auscision, and Auscision will return it to Bob's Hobbies. I told him I was not in the mood for Jokes !!
Back to Camden, Kim sent me a reference for a saw mill and I was able to purchase this on line. Many thanks, Kim. The pictures below show my progress so far. Today I have installed the chain wire fence around the factory. Should be ok to remove the supporting fixes tomorrow. 

The interior of the factory with the building removed.

The factory building in place before the fencing commenced.
The Plumbing Supply Warehouse, is also in the construction stage and ideas are rolling around in my head, (yes, I've been told before), as to how I want to scenic around it. I have some ideas, but I could change my mind so we will see.

The Plumbing Supply Warehouse.
This is going to get a paling fence around it.
Thanks to Phil, for the idea about using the old water tank, it is along side the new tank, lying on the ground, with much growth in it. The new tank needs water before I can run any trains. How many times have I been past several Bunnings stores in the last two weeks, and forgot to get the water !!
So until I get the water, it's cheers for now.

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